Post Graduate Shiatsu Workshops

The workshops are designed and focused primarily for shiatsu practitioners, although shiatsu students and practitioners of other bodywork modalities would also gain a lot of useful content to assimilate into both their learning and professional development. They are practical workshops that in the main look at techniques and approaches to what we actually come across in clinical practice. We look at the interconnectedness of the body to broaden our understanding of the simplicity, yet infinite complexities that make up each human being. I often say that in order to grow and develop, one needs to take a look at what you are doing from another perspective; in these workshops I aim to provide that perspective so each participant can continue to refine their own practice of shiatsu or bodywork therapy.

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Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

No workshops are currently planned for Melbourne.

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No workshops are currently planned for Sydney.



Working with Trauma: Practical Techniques for Body-workers / 11-12 June 2020 – Shiatsu Practitioners Association of Aoetearoa NZ  Annual Conference

Location: Hoatu Lodge, 282 Old Kaimai Rd, RD1, Tauranga

Trauma is rapidly becoming part of our awareness as a society with a growing body of evidence pointing to how important the work with body-based approaches is in dealing with recovery. The level of stress inherent in our ‘disconnected’ and ‘switched-on’ culture means there is a growing incidence of mental health issues along with a subsequent rise in chronic and acute health conditions. These are often referred to as small ‘t’ trauma so learning how to work in a trauma sensitive way is becoming essential for all body-workers.

During the workshop we will look at a brief overview of the nervous system from a ‘polyvagal’ perspective, its different functions and what parts of our being it relates to. We will look at the key areas of the anatomy that relate to a trauma response, along with simple and practical ways in which we can engage with these areas. We will also look at simple assessments to determine the state of the nervous system that act as a marker to ongoing treatments. Throughout we will seek to bring that information back to the 5 elements and explore how we can take a much broader ‘elemental’ approach to working with the body’s energies.

It will be a practical workshop focusing on creating both confidence and awareness in working with all aspects of trauma.

Private Tutorials / Study Groups

For more personal input into your practice and development, I also offer private tutorial sessions to help you refine specific aspects of your practice that you may have identified as areas you wish to work upon. Ideally come with another person so you have the opportunity to observe, to give and receive, as well as share the cost!

The study groups are a great way to have focussed input over a longer period of time. My rough suggestion is a group of 4-6 people meeting once a month for 3-4 hrs over a time frame of 6 months. Here we can explore themes and techniques in greater depth.

Cost: $90/hour

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