Frequently Asked Questions…

What should I wear?

During a shiatsu treatment you remain fully clothed. You should wear warm, loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, such as a track suit or leggings. Avoid wearing either a skirt, jeans or tight fitting clothes and bring a pair of socks to wear. As most of your body heat is generated by muscle contractions, your body temperature will drop during treatment, so ensuring you are warm is vitally important to enable you to fully relax and enjoy your experience.

What can I expect after the treatment?

Many people find it leaves them in a space of deep relaxation, with a over-riding feeling of wellbeing and calmness. You may feel clear and energised or you may feel like curling up and resting. Sometimes emotional feelings surface, either during or after a treatment. This is well within the normal and you should try to give yourself some period of  time and space after the treatment to allow them to process before engaging fully back into your life. It is also possible for treatment to exacerbate pain and discomfort for a short period after the treatment. Make sure you drink at least two glasses of water in the hour after treatment to facilitate this dynamic.

Is Shiatsu OK for the elderly, the disabled, or for children to receive?

Yes, Shiatsu is safe and effective for people of all ages and for all health conditions. The manner of treatment will be adapted to suit each individual and their specific set of circumstances. If you are unsure please contact me to talk over treatment before you come to ensure that what I offer meets your needs.

Can I receive Shiatsu if I am pregnant?

Shiatsu is a great supportive therapy during pregnancy. My rule of thumb for woman who are pregnant is to not introduce anything new in the first trimester, however after that, treatment is highly recommended. Giving birth is often one of the biggest physical and emotional challenges a woman with face in her life, so all the help and support you can get on that amazing journey the better. I have extensive experience with treating pregnant woman, including regular treatments on my wife prior to the birth of my beautiful twin boys.

Are there any times when Shiatsu should be avoided?

I generally suggest you should avoid treatment if you:

  1. have any sort of infectious disease;
  2. are suffering from any acute, feverish illness – the body is already fully engaged in dealing with that;
  3. have any serious acute problem for which you have not seen a doctor about;
  4. have had any major operation during the last month although we can discuss each situation as all are unique.

Can I have Shiatsu if I am having other complementary or alternative therapy?

Some therapies are complementary and mixing others may simply be overloading the system. Often in our desperation we grasp at anything that promises to offer relief, however it is better to be focused in your approach. If you have any concerns about mixing treatments, please discuss with me beforehand to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from the treatments received.

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