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My shiatsu journey started in the early 1990’s with a desire to more fully understand firstly the complexities of my own health and wellbeing and secondly to immerse myself in a career helping others on their path to fully expressing their fullest potential in this lifetime.

Good health is fundamental if one is to live a full and rich life. Without it we are consumed by it on a daily basis. Yet humans were never meant to be perfect, as it is in the imperfections that the potential for our growth and evolution lie.

Problems with our health, be they physical or psychological, are our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong and what we need to do in order to remedy them. Yet how many of us are that well tuned into the messages our body or instincts are telling us? Our modern society has invested in developing the logical part of our being and left instinct to ‘folklore’.

In order to evolve and move beyond your ‘aches and pains’ you first need to know what they are saying and what they have to teach you.

The focus of my form of zen shiatsu is taking you to a space where you can tune into our body, to the deeper sensations, to begin to hear and understand the messages it is telling you. However, shiatsu is bodywork, a form of massage, and as such not only is the focus on facilitating you to connect to your ‘inner voice’, but also on working on all those aches and pains and to leave you feel amazing with a sense of deep relaxation at the end of it all!

Over the last years I have focussed my work and practice upon researching and learning how to work much more specifically with the nervous system responses within the body triggered by all aspects of stress and the underlying types and degrees of trauma people carry.

Shiatsu is not going to ‘fix you’, it is going to provide you with a resource to be more empowered in your healthcare, and as such I always suggest that benefits are cumulative and that regular treatments or a series of treatments are infinitely more beneficial than a ‘one-off’. Clients who choose to use shiatsu as part of a focused health care program gain the most from treatment.

I am very happy to discuss treatment beforehand so we can determine whether shiatsu is the best starting point for your particular condition. My priority is on ensuring that you get the right treatment/s for your condition.

If you are interested in knowing more, please read on to find out the details of who I am and what I can offer you….

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