No practitioner can ever guarantee a particular treatment outcome. The inclusion of these statements is to serve merely as an indication of the possible efficacy of the Shiatsu offered. A key part of any therapy is the relationship developed between client and therapist and that in my view is where the potential for ‘healing’ lies!

What clients have said about treatments…

“My first treatment with Glenn was a physical release of all the tight spots in my body. By the end of the first treatment I felt freer and more relaxed than I had felt for a long time. A shiatsu is very different from massage or other body work that I had experienced. I kept coming back for more treatments because the benefits were so amazing. I not only gained benefits on a physical level, but on an emotional and spiritual level as well. I would recommend this form of treatment to people seeking support from aching tight bodies to people who are looking towards being nurtured. It is a wonderful experience” – MH

“My experience of shiatsu with Glenn has been phenomenal. I found that Glenn works with such ease and in a humble manner where he simplifies everything. Even when working with the body he is able to work gently but yet very deeply. Glenn has not only helped me become so much more aware of my body, my needs, my emotional wellbeing, my spiritual wellbeing and a whole new perspective towards the connection of body, mind and soul. He has certainly helped me integrate those three powerful words in the most empowering manner” – RD

“I can highly recommend receiving shiatsu from Glenn. I found him soon after giving birth to my third child and feeling the lowest I ever have energy-wise. He showed great empathy and gave a beautiful treatment that left me feeling nurtured and centred. My energy levels have only been on the rise since, and every treatment is just really enjoyable. Glenn is experienced, professional and brilliant at what he does, and I’m very thankful” – MO

Glenn is by far the most AMAZING, intuitive and knowledgable Practitioner I’ve ever visited!! He listens to my body and how much he can stretch muscles/ligaments without causing the pain and bruising I’ve had with other masseurs. Because of Glenn, I now have a better understanding of physiology, where my pain and injuries are originating from as well as what exercises are best suited to my body. I highly recommend Zenergy Shiatsu to anyone who has pain and injuries or who is wanting increased energy and vitality! – AS

Glenn has a holistic approach to health and combines the techniques of Shiatsu with integrity and compassion for the wellbeing of the individual. His ability to create balance through his use of Shiatsu and his sympathetic nature and understanding of emotions has helped me to maintain greater strength in overcoming some deeply stressful situations – CT

After the first session, I knew Glenn was good for me and my body especially my lower back. Glenn and his shiatsu treatment was able to reach places in my lower back that I wasn’t aware could be reached. I have been seeing Glenn for my lower back for the past seven plus years. My lower back is better than its ever been. Glenn holds a safe and non judgmental space in which the client and the practitioner can connect on a body level. I feel safe enough to surrender myself to Glenn and allow the therapy to take place – JS

What participants have said about workshops…

“Glenn is a fantastic Shiatsu practitioner as well as a great teacher, often you get one but not the other. The workshops are delivered in a framework that is practical and easy to integrate into your Shiatsu or Massage style. His skill lies in breaking down topics that come up for practitioners into Zen like approaches (simple and clear). Whether you are a student or an established practitioner, the wealth of experience that Glenn brings to his sessions is significant. I highly recommend a workshop with Glenn to develop your Shiatsu or Massage skills.” – Brooke Allen, Director Zest East West Health & Relaxation Therapies/Shiatsu and Oriental Therapist

“Glenn is a gifted shiatsu practitioner and a natural teacher. His class content is drawn from years of experience, teaching techniques that you can take away and use immediately on your clients. The fun, practical nature of his classes inspires learning; my clients have benefited especially from the many neck and shoulder release techniques I learned from Glenn. I doubt I’d have so many repeat clients if it wasn’t from post grad training with Glenn.” – Chris, Shiatsu Practitioner Melbourne

“I’ve attended several workshops Glenn ran on specific topics and learned lots of practical techniques that I’ve been using regularly. Glenn puts lots of time and effort preparing for these workshops which make them very well structured and easy to understand. His demonstrations and instructions are very clear and he gives his attention to all the participants to ensure their techniques are correct. I highly recommend Glenn’s workshop to practitioners of any levels. His years of practice and teaching easily show in his workshop facilitation and I’m grateful for his transmission.” – Armelle


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